Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Read for the April theme (read a book that involves time-travel) of the 2019 ONTD Reading Challenge | Passenger on Goodreads 

I struggled with picking a book for this challenge, as I don’t really love sci-fi or fantasy novels, though I do enjoy books with elements of either genre. I picked this book knowing nothing about it from a list of time-travel books. Taking a chance on an unknown author in a genre I don’t love, what could go wrong?!

Actually nothing! Passenger was fine. The main character Etta is a time traveler, unbeknownst to her and she gets thrown into some hijinks when someone pulls her through a time portal. It sounds like a fun adventure, but the pacing is really wonky. The story only really seemed to pick up momentum about halfway through. Even then, there were fits and starts in the action that just felt weird. It seemed more like it should have been a screenplay.

I’m not sure I want to continue with the series. On one hand, it’s a duology, so there aren’t books upon books I’d need to track down to get to the conclusion. On the other hand, Wayfarer, the sequel, is over 500 pages and my TBR list is already ridiculously long. 

Recommend? If you like Bracken’s other work, yes. Browsing some of the reviews on Goodreads, it seems like people really love her or don’t. I didn’t love this, but I wasn’t pulling my hair out. If I wasn’t playing catch-up with my book club list, I might have felt differently about the languid pace. 

To Read: Wayfarer, maybe. 

To Watch: If this ever gets adapted into a movie, or maybe even a TV series that could explore the world and the families involved in the story more deeply, I’ll be all over it.


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