2019 Oscar Nominees: (The Readily Available) Documentary Shorts

Black Sheep – I found the subject matter compelling – the consequences for a black child moved to the suburbs and exposed to racist children around him and forced to fit in for survival – but told by the adult in a close-up interview/monologue with frequent cuts to re-enacted scenes…I didn’t love the style. -M

End Game – Centered on terminally ill patients and doctors in palliative/hospice care care. I expected to be more emotionally affected since it’s a dark subject but it wasn’t focused on tear-jerking. On that note, I don’t think it’ll win the award. If you’ve read Mary Roach’s Stiff you’ll have a better time contemplating your mortality. I did like following the stories of the patients and the different choices they or their families were making with them. -M

A Night at the Garden – A shameful and forgotten event in America’s history shows echos of the more recent past. It’s a fraction of the length of the other documentaries (so far) and definitely my top pick for winner. I would love for the filmmakers to get up at the Oscars and speak about their short. -M