Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Read for the September theme (comic novel) of the 2019 ONTD Reading Challenge | Beauty Queens on Goodreads 

It has been years since I read any Libba Bray, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Beauty Queens. From the cover image, I expected some kind of Miss Congeniality/Hunger Games mashup. It skewed way more toward the former. It was a very light and easy read, considering these girls were fighting for their lives. I didn’t love how one-dimensional some of the characters were, but with so many of the pageant contestants stranded on the island, I suppose that was bound to happen. Also, honestly, this is not Lord of the Flies With Teenage Girls, which is the book I really wanted to read.

If this ever gets made into a movie, I would watch it. Having girls with impossible but humorous injuries pop in and out for comic relief would go over a lot better that way. In the book, it felt a little forced.

Recommend?┬áIf you’re looking for a comedy, sure.
To Read: This hasn’t persuaded me not to read The Diviners and A Great and Terrible Beauty, which were already on my TBR list.