2019 Oscar Nominees: (The Readily Available) Documentary Shorts

Black Sheep – I found the subject matter compelling – the consequences for a black child moved to the suburbs and exposed to racist children around him and forced to fit in for survival – but told by the adult in a close-up interview/monologue with frequent cuts to re-enacted scenes…I didn’t love the style. -M

End Game – Centered on terminally ill patients and doctors in palliative/hospice care care. I expected to be more emotionally affected since it’s a dark subject but it wasn’t focused on tear-jerking. On that note, I don’t think it’ll win the award. If you’ve read Mary Roach’s Stiff you’ll have a better time contemplating your mortality. I did like following the stories of the patients and the different choices they or their families were making with them. -M

A Night at the Garden – A shameful and forgotten event in America’s history shows echos of the more recent past. It’s a fraction of the length of the other documentaries (so far) and definitely my top pick for winner. I would love for the filmmakers to get up at the Oscars and speak about their short. -M


Oscars 2019: Mistakes Were Made

We watched Hereditary and Toni Collette was not nominated, so we have some regrets. Granted, it was a wild ride of a movie and an experience, to be sure, but with 34 days left until the Oscars, it was perhaps not the best use of our time. Still, with the movies readily available, it was the most appealing choice for the night.

Since the last post, I watched four movies (Roma, Ready Player One, Minding the Gap, and Hereditary), which felt like good progress – seven movies down, a bajillion to go, but I lost Dumplin’ – which was predicted for best song for “Girl in the Movies” and Hereditary missed the list as well.

So far, my total is five and Julie is at two.

Wish us luck. We need it.


Oscars 2019: The Prep-ening

The Oscars are in 38 days and with a goal of watching 75% of the nominated movies, I am not feeling great about that! So far, I have started a list of 44 movies that may be nominated, which includes none of the short (documentary, animated, and live action), nor any of the foreign films. I think those will be the toughest to track down (apart from Roma, which will probably be nominated for a ton of other things as well), so I don’t want to get ahead of those nominations. They can wait four days until the nominees are announced.

So far, I have seen three movies that will maybe be nominated. A whole 6 percent. 69% left to go.