Once – Mini Movie Review

“Falling Slowly” is a good song but I feel like The Civil Wars really improved upon the story concept. If you want to feel bad about musicians not getting to be together, I mean. Just watch a few of their live performances on youtube and let it break your heart that they’re not together and are no longer even a band.

The whole movie feels spun out from the concept of this song and the grip on any actual story with plot feels tenuous. I can definitely see why Once ended up as a play, though. Actors embodying characters fully and feeling it in a live setting is so much more moving than it is through a screen. When all you have is that performance and not a lot else? I didn’t feel anything at all while watching the movie. I wonder if hearing the song for a decade and knowing the basics of the story ruined it for me.

Verdict: It was fine! I’m not mad about it.

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