Severance – Ling Ma

Read for the October theme (The Darkest Timeline) of the 2018 ONTD Reading Challenge | Severance on Goodreads

I picked up Severance without much of an idea of what it was about and what I ended up liking best about it was the slow unfolding of the story, trying to figure out where in the world it was going.

Rather than giving you a Goodreads recap, I’ll just say that I really enjoyed the way the current story would drop out, something from the past would be picked up and woven into the story, then it would continue on. That kind of storytelling might not be for everyone. If it wasn’t executed very well, it wouldn’t have been for me either.

While Severance wasn’t quite a page-turner because of the meandering style, it definitely held my interest. During a work trip, I was constantly trying to find opportunities when I could squeeze in a few minutes to read.

This is Ling Ma’s debut novel and I’ll be looking for the next.



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